• Oak Low BookcaseCHSO037

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 1 adjustable shelf

    H.870mm W.1370mm D.395mm

  • Oak Alcove BookcaseCHSO015

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 4 adjustable shelves

    H.1870 W.580mm D.300mm

  • Oak 2 Drawer BookcaseCHSO038

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 2 adjustable shelves and two good sized drawers beneath.

    H.1980mm W.890mm D.300mm

  • Hardwood bookcasepdtpp007

    Hardwood bookcase with three shelves and two drawers

    H.1800mm W.900mm D.350mm

  • Solid Oak Library BookcaseCHSO390

    Very large bookcase with integral ladder - a stunning piece

    W.2490 H.2410 D.400mm

  • BookcaseSJSLP28

    Fruitwood Bookcase with many shelves and cupboards and drawers below

    W.1350 D.350 H.200 mm

  • Small BookcaseSJSLP54

    Fruitwood Bookcase with adjustable shelves

    W.1070 D.260 H.920 mm

    £ 281.00 Add to Order
  • Slim 2 Drawer BookcaseSJSLP60

    Fruitwood bookcase with 4 shelves and 2 drawers

    W.900 D.380 H.2000 mm

  • Rustic Royale Bookcasepdasb312

    Bookcase with Shelves and 2 Drawers

    H.1800 W.900 D.350mm