• 7 Drawer ChestCHSO002

    Solid Oak 7 Drawer Chest - even the bottoms of the drawers are made of 10mm oak!

    H.735mm W.1320mm D.460mm

  • 6 Drawer ChestCHSO023

    Solid Oak 6 Drawer Chest - also good for storing Cds DVDs and Videos

    H.700mm W.1140mm D.440mm

  • 2/4 Drawer ChestCHSO307

    Solid Oak Chest with 2 small drawers over 4 large ones

    H.1080mm W.990mm D.430mm

  • 4 Drawer ChestCHSO001

    Solid Oak 4 Drawer Chest

    H.890mm W.990mm D.430mm

  • 5 Drawer tallboy ChestCHSO006

    Solid Oak 5 Drawer Chest

    H.1040mm W.510mm D.445mm

  • 4 Drawer Narrow ChestCHSO025

    Solid Oak 4 Drawer Narrow Chest

    H.890mm W.630mm D.440mm

  • Oak Bedding BoxCHSO024

    Solid Oak Bedding Box - even the bottom is oak

    H.520mm L.920mm W.460mm

  • 3 Drawer Narrow ChestCHSO026

    Solid Oak 3 Drawer Narrow Chest - also suitable as a bedside table

    H.700mm w.630mm D.440mm

  • 3 Drawer BedsideCHSO005

    Solid Oak 3 Drawer Bedside

    H.660mm W.485mm D.405mm

  • Oak Dressing/Hall TableCHSO065

    Solid Oak Dressing Table suitable also for a hall having 3 good sized drawers

    H.780mm W.1100mm D.420mm

  • Pedestal Desk/Dressing TableCHSO071

    Solid Oak Pedestal Desk or Dressing Table with 11 drawers

    H.800 W.1220mm D.520mm

  • Six drawer cabinetpdasb323

    Hardwood six drawer chest ideal for CD storage

    H800mm W.550mm D.300mm

  • Storage Boxpdtpp009

    Hardwood blanket box with lift up lid

    H.480mm W.1000mm D.450mm H.900mm(open)

  • Rustic Royale Trunk ChestPDasb313

    Blanket chest with lift up lid

    H.480mm W.1000mm

  • Rustic Royale Drum ChestPDasb301

    Round chest with 3 drawers

    H.580mm Diameter 440mm

  • Tall Rustic Royale drum ChestpDasb 315

    Round Chest with 5 drawers

    H.890mm Diameter 350mm