Coffee Tables

  • Coffee tableCHSO003

    Solid Oak Coffe Table with Drawer and a sold shelf beneath

    H.480mm L.1165mm W.575mm

  • Small Oak Coffee TableCHSO308

    Solid Oak Coffee table with Shelf

    H.450mm L.920mm W.550mm

  • Oak 6 Drawer Coffee TableCHSO004

    Solid Oak Coffee Table with 6 good sized drawers which can be accessed from both sides

    H.480mm L1160mm W.575mm

  • Nest of TablesCHSO016

    Solid Oak Nest of Tables - Measurements given for largest

    H.600mm L.700mm W.420mm

  • Hardwood Lamp Tablepdtpp004

    Hardwood lamp table with a drawer and shelf below

    H.640mm W.460mm D.460mm