• Oak Glazed BookcaseCHSO021

    Solid Oak Unit with 2 adjustable shelves in the top and 1 adjustable shelf in the base unit.

    H.1905mm W.1000mm D.430mm

  • Hardwood bookcasepdtpp007

    Hardwood bookcase with three shelves and two drawers

    H.1800mm W.900mm D.350mm

  • Sideboardpdtpp010

    Hardwood sideboard with two cupboards fitted with a shelf each and four drawers

    H.860mm W.1500mm D.450mm

  • Solid Oak 2 Door SideboardCHSO091

    A solid oak small sideboard with 2 drawers over 2 cupboards with shelf inside

    W.1000 H.850 D.430mm

  • Dressing TableSJSLP23

    Fruitwood Dressing table/ Desk with kneehole, 2 cupboards and 3 drawers over

    W.1400 D.500 H.760 mm

  • BuffetSJSLP29

    Large Sideboard with two tall cupboards and useful drawers

    W.1350 D.500 H.1150 mm

  • Dressing TableSJSLP34

    Small Dressing table/Desk with one cupboard and 2 drawers

    W.1060 D.500 H.740 mm

  • Bar/SideboardSJSLP35

    Tall fruitwood unit that has 2 large tall cupboards with 2 shallow drawers over and shelves in the middle

    W.1660 D.750 H.1100 mm

  • Side serverSJSLP40

    Large Fruitwood buffet style side table with 4 spacious drawers

    W.1410 D.460 H.860 mm

  • Glazed CabinetSJSLP47

    Large Fruitwood glazed dresser with 3 glazed cupboards over 3 drawers over 3 cupboards (this item comes in 2 parts)

    W.1600 D.420 H.2000 mm

    £ 1241.00 Add to Order
  • Console TableSJSLP49

    Fruitwood Console table with plain legs, 3 spacious drawers and a shelf below

    W.1090 D.400 H.900 mm

  • 3 Door SideboardSJSLP55

    Fruitwood Sideboard with 3 cupboards with a shelf and 3 drawers over

    W.1250 D.500 H.800 mm

  • 4 Door SideboardSJSLP56

    Fruitwood sideboard with 4 cupboards with a shelf and 4 drawers over

    W.1650 D.500 H.800 mm

  • 2 Door SideboardSJSLP61

    Fruitwood 2 Door sideboard with a shelf and 2 drawers over

    W.880 D.500 H.800 mm

    £ 408.00 Add to Order
  • HardwoodGranary Royale Console Tablepdasb326

    Hardwood console table with 4 small drawers and a shelf at the bottom

    H.900mm W.1000mm D.300mm

  • Rustic Royale SideboardPDasb300

    Sideboard with 2 cupboards with shelf inside and 4 drawers

    H.860mm W.1490mm D.450mm