Tables and Chairs

  • Oak Extending TableCHSO040

    Features selected oak veneers in top panels for complete stability and a solid oak carcass. Middle section concertinas to fit under the side two panels which push together to become a smaller table so nother storage is necessary.

    H.770mm W.860mm Length closed 1020mm extends to 14

  • Oak Round TableCHSO039

    Solid Oak Round Table

    H.770mm Diameter 1000mm

  • Oak TableCHSO017

    Solid Oak Dining Table available in 2 sizes see CHOA018

    H.770mm L.1680mm W.860mm

  • Oak TableCHSO018

    Solid Oak Dining Table available in 2 sizes see CHSO017

    H.770mm L.1370mm W.760mm

  • Oak TableCHSO019

    Solid Oak Square Dining Table

    H.770mm L.860mm W.860mm

  • Oak Extending Refrectory TableCHSO045

    Solid Oak Table with two leaves which can be used seperately to give more flexability. Good strong fitments for leaves. Leaves do have to be stored seperately when not in use (will easily go under a bed).

    H.770mm L.1800mm W.900mm Full extended length 280

  • Oak Hall TableCHSO007

    Solid Oak Hall Table with a drawer and solid shelf beneath

    H.740mm L.1170mm D.335mm

  • Oak Leon ChairCHCHR233

    Solid Oak carcass

    H.1040mm W.470mm D.430mm

  • Oak Madison ChairCHCHR237

    Solid Oak Carcass

    H.1080mm W.470mm D.470mm

  • Oak Country Spindle ChairCHCHR250

    Solid Oak Chair

    H.900mm W.430mm D.410mm

  • Oak Parisienne ChairCHCHR243

    Solid Oak Chair with a Solid Seat

    H.1070mm W.440mm D.415mm

  • Oak ChairCHSO043

    Solid Oak Chair with inset rush seat

    H.1080mm w.460mm

  • Oak Dressing/Hall TableCHSO065

    Solid Oak Dressing Table suitable also for a hall having 3 good sized drawers

    H.780mm W.1100mm D.420mm

  • Hardwood butterfly tablepdab104

    Hardwood rustic butterfly table that has a clever slide and flip mechanism to enable easy extension when required (shown closed).

    H.770mm W.900mm L.900mm (closed) L.1800mm (open)

  • Hardwood Lamp Tablepdtpp004

    Hardwood lamp table with a drawer and shelf below

    H.640mm W.460mm D.460mm

  • Hardwood extending tablepdtpp005

    Hardwood extending table which has extension leaves which can be removed and stored separately

    H.790mm W.900mm L.1650mm (closed) L.2470mm (extended)

  • Rustic Royale chairpdasb303

    Chair with solid back and seat

  • Rustic Chairpdasb304

    Dining Chair with ladderback and padded seat

    H.1110 seat:460 W.450 D.460mm

  • TableSJSLP26A

    Refrectory table in fruitwood

    W.1260 D.930 H.760 mm

    £ 490.00 Add to Order
  • TableSJSLP26B

    Refrectory table in fruitwood

    W.1800 D.930 H.760 mm

    £ 540.00 Add to Order
  • Chair with rush seatSJSLP31

    Ladder back fruitwood chair with rush seat

    W.450 D.480 H.100 mm

    £ 132.00 Add to Order
  • Chair with wood seatSJSLP31A

    Ladder back fruitwood chair with wooden seat

    W.450 D.480 H.100 mm

    £ 132.00 Add to Order
  • Refrectory BenchSJSLP44

    Fruitwood Bench with good strong legs

    W.1600 D.400 H.460 mm

  • Mini Console TableSJSLP57

    Fruitwood console table for a very tight space!

    W.800 D.250 H.800mm

  • Rustic Royale Extending Dining TablePDasb305

    Table that extends with leaves

    H.780 W.900 L.1650mm when extended H.780 L.2550mm

  • Rustic Royale Extending Dining TablePDasb302

    Square Table that pulls out to extend.

    H.800mm Square 900mm extends to H.760mm L.1800mm D.900mm

  • Rustic Royale Chunky Leg TablePDasb359


    H.770mm W.910mm L.1800mm

  • Rustic Royale Lamp TablePDasb236

    Lamp Table with drawer

    H.640mm Square 460mm