Provence Range

This range combines aged, polished fruitwood with a sturdy honest design resulting in a simple timeless collection that is full of warmth.

Each piece is hand-crafted from solid mango wood and hand –finished using age-old techniques.  All wood is subject to certification, indigenous to Java and free growing.  Each tree is felled only after it has come to the end of its productive fruiting life and is then replaced with a sapling.

  • Wardrobe with 4 drawersSJSLP01

    Wardrobe which comes in 2 parts - top can be dismantled

    W.1300 D.670 H.2050 mm

  • 4'6" Bed with slatted headboardSJSLP02D

    Small fr uitwooddouble bed which can be dismantled

    W.1610 D.2270 H.1160 mm

    £ 828.00 Add to Order
  • 5' Bed with slatted headboardSJSLP02K

    Fruitwood Kingsize bed which can be dismantled

    W.1760 D.2350 H.1160 mm

    £ 876.00 Add to Order
  • 6' Bed with slatted headboardSJSLP02SK

    Fruitwood Superkingsize bed which can be dismantled

    W.1830 D.2340 H.1160mm

    £ 1023.00 Add to Order
  • 3 Drawer bedsideSJSLP03

    Bedside Chest made from fruitwood

    W.450 D.450 H.600mm

  • 5 Drawer ChestSJSLP04

    Chest made from fruitwood with 2 small drawers over 3 large drawers

    W.1100 D.530 H.1100 mm

  • 9 Drawer ChestSJSLP05

    Chest made from fruitwood with 3 small drawers over 6 larger drawers

    W.1250 D.530 H.1100 mm

    £ 689.00 Add to Order
  • Set/2 Blanket BoxSJSLP06

    Set of 2 Blanket Boxes

    Largest W.1100 D. 500 H.400mm

    £ 406.00 Add to Order
  • StoolSJSLP08

    Fruitwood Stool with lift up seat

    W.530 D.380 H.550 mm

  • MirrorSJSLP09L

    Bevelled Mirror with wood surround

    1200 X 750 mm

    £ 125.00 Add to Order
  • MirrorSJSLP09S

    Bevelled Mirror with wood surround

    750 X 750mm

    £ 96.00 Add to Order
  • Side table with lift off traySJSLP12

    Small table with shaped top for tray to sit in

    W.530 D.380 H.720 mm

  • 7 Drawer ChestSJSLP14

    Fruitwood Chest with 3 small drawers with 4 larger drawers below

    W.1350 D.500 H.900 mm

  • 4 Drawer ChestSJSLP20

    Fruitwood Chest with 2 small drawers and 2 larger drawers below

    W.650 D.500 H.850 mm

  • Dressing mirrorSJSLP21

    Fruitwood Dressing Mirror with 3 parts and bevelled glass

    W.700 H.800mm

  • 2 Door WardrobeSJSLP22

    Fruitwood wardrobe with 2 doors that can be dismantled

    W.1160 D.670 H.2000 mm

  • Dressing TableSJSLP23

    Fruitwood Dressing table/ Desk with kneehole, 2 cupboards and 3 drawers over

    W.1400 D.500 H.760 mm

  • 6 Drawer ChestSJSLP25

    Fruitwood 6 Drawr Chest - 3 rows of 2 drawers

    W.1250 D.530 H.800 mm

  • TableSJSLP26A

    Refrectory table in fruitwood

    W.1260 D.930 H.760 mm

    £ 490.00 Add to Order
  • TableSJSLP26B

    Refrectory table in fruitwood

    W.1800 D.930 H.760 mm

    £ 540.00 Add to Order
  • Coffee TableSJSLP27A

    Coffee Table in fruitwood with shelf below

    W.700 D.700 H.400 mm

    £ 200.00 Add to Order
  • Coffee TableSJSLP27B

    Coffee Table in fruitwood with shelf below

    W.900 D.900 H.400 mm

    £ 312.00 Add to Order
  • BookcaseSJSLP28

    Fruitwood Bookcase with many shelves and cupboards and drawers below

    W.1350 D.350 H.200 mm

  • BuffetSJSLP29

    Large Sideboard with two tall cupboards and useful drawers

    W.1350 D.500 H.1150 mm

  • Chair with rush seatSJSLP31

    Ladder back fruitwood chair with rush seat

    W.450 D.480 H.100 mm

    £ 132.00 Add to Order
  • Chair with wood seatSJSLP31A

    Ladder back fruitwood chair with wooden seat

    W.450 D.480 H.100 mm

    £ 132.00 Add to Order
  • TV Unit/Low sideboardSJSLP32

    Fruitwood Unit with many compartment/shelves that can be used in many different ways

    W.1300 D.500 H.545 mm

  • 6 Drawer Tallboy ChestSJSLP33

    Fruitwood tallboy Chest with 6 drawers

    W.600 D.500 H.1200 mm

  • Dressing TableSJSLP34

    Small Dressing table/Desk with one cupboard and 2 drawers

    W.1060 D.500 H.740 mm

  • Bar/SideboardSJSLP35

    Tall fruitwood unit that has 2 large tall cupboards with 2 shallow drawers over and shelves in the middle

    W.1660 D.750 H.1100 mm

  • Bar StoolSJSLP36

    Ladder backed tall stool with rush seat

    W.400 D.550 H.1080 mm

  • CD TowerSJSLP37

    Fruitwood Unit for storing CDs

    W.480 D.220 H.100 mm

  • CD TowerSJSLP38

    Fruitwood Unit for storing CDs

    W.460 D.220 H.1380 mm

    £ 188.00 Add to Order
  • Magazine RackSJSLP39

    Solid Fruitwood Rack for magazines

    W.530 D.380 H.490 mm

  • Side serverSJSLP40

    Large Fruitwood buffet style side table with 4 spacious drawers

    W.1410 D.460 H.860 mm

  • Lamp TableSJSLP41

    Fruitwood Lamp Table with drawer and shelf below

    W.550 D.550 H.550 mm

  • Standing MirrorSJSLP42

    Large Fruitwood Floor Mirror with bevelled glass

    W.700 D.80 H.1860 mm

  • Refrectory BenchSJSLP44

    Fruitwood Bench with good strong legs

    W.1600 D.400 H.460 mm

  • Large 3 door wardrobeSJSLP45

    Fruitwood 3 door wardrobe which can be dismantled

    W.1790 D.670 H.2000 mm

  • Coffee TableSJSLP46A

    Fruitwood Coffee Table with 2 drawers and a shelf unit

    W.1300 D.850 H.400 mm

    £ 396.00 Add to Order
  • Glazed CabinetSJSLP47

    Large Fruitwood glazed dresser with 3 glazed cupboards over 3 drawers over 3 cupboards (this item comes in 2 parts)

    W.1600 D.420 H.2000 mm

    £ 1241.00 Add to Order
  • Console TableSJSLP49

    Fruitwood Console table with plain legs, 3 spacious drawers and a shelf below

    W.1090 D.400 H.900 mm

  • DVD UnitSJSLP50

    Fruitwood Unit to hold DVDs

    W.460 D.220 H.1380mm

    £ 224.00 Add to Order
  • DeskSJSLP51

    Fruitwood Desk with 3 drawers and a cupboard and drawer with access holes for computer cables. Can be dismantled.

    W.1500 D.650 H.760 mm

  • Small BookcaseSJSLP54

    Fruitwood Bookcase with adjustable shelves

    W.1070 D.260 H.920 mm

    £ 281.00 Add to Order
  • 3 Door SideboardSJSLP55

    Fruitwood Sideboard with 3 cupboards with a shelf and 3 drawers over

    W.1250 D.500 H.800 mm

  • 4 Door SideboardSJSLP56

    Fruitwood sideboard with 4 cupboards with a shelf and 4 drawers over

    W.1650 D.500 H.800 mm

  • Mini Console TableSJSLP57

    Fruitwood console table for a very tight space!

    W.800 D.250 H.800mm

  • Nest of TablesSJSLP58

    Fruitwood Nest of tables - diamensions given for the largest

    W. 500 D.350 H.550 mm

  • Double wrdrobeSJSLP59

    Wardrobe with two doors and a straight top which can be dismantled

    W.1260 D.680 H.2000 mm

    £ 1073.00 Add to Order
  • Slim 2 Drawer BookcaseSJSLP60

    Fruitwood bookcase with 4 shelves and 2 drawers

    W.900 D.380 H.2000 mm

  • 2 Door SideboardSJSLP61

    Fruitwood 2 Door sideboard with a shelf and 2 drawers over

    W.880 D.500 H.800 mm

    £ 408.00 Add to Order
  • Small TV UnitSJSLP62

    Fruitwood TV Unit with 2 shelves and 2 drawers

    w.890 D.450 H.480 mm

    £ 250.00 Add to Order