Rustic Hardwood

Symbolising warmth, age and charm, with pieces styled to suit any home.

The Rustic Collection is made from hardwood timber sourced from carefully planned and sustainable plantation programs.

  • Hardwood butterfly tablepdab104

    Hardwood rustic butterfly table that has a clever slide and flip mechanism to enable easy extension when required (shown closed).

    H.770mm W.900mm L.900mm (closed) L.1800mm (open)

  • Hardwood extending tablepdtpp005

    Hardwood extending table which has extension leaves which can be removed and stored separately

    H.790mm W.900mm L.1650mm (closed) L.2470mm (extended)

  • Hardwood bookcasepdtpp007

    Hardwood bookcase with three shelves and two drawers

    H.1800mm W.900mm D.350mm

  • Coffee Tablepdab122

    Hardwood Coffee Table with 4 drawers

    H.530mm W.1100mm D.610mm

  • 3 Drawer Drum Chestpdab174

    Hardwood drum chest with three drawers

    H.590mm W.450mm D.450mm

  • 4 Drawer Drum Chestpdab118

    Hardwood drum chest with four drawers

    H.680mm W.450mm D.450mm

  • 5 Drawer Slim Chestpdab176

    Hardwood slim drum chest with five drawers

    H.780mm W.360mm D.360mm

  • Hardwood Lamp Tablepdtpp004

    Hardwood lamp table with a drawer and shelf below

    H.640mm W.460mm D.460mm

  • HardwoodGranary Royale Console Tablepdasb326

    Hardwood console table with 4 small drawers and a shelf at the bottom

    H.900mm W.1000mm D.300mm

  • Corner TV Cabinetpdab120

    Hardwood Corner TV cabinet with a glazed cupboard with shelf inside

    H.670mm W.930mm D.600mm

  • Hardwood glazed cabinetpdtpp069

    Hardwood cabinet with six drawers and a glazed cupboard with shelf inside

    H.790mm W.1020mm D.380mm

  • TV Cabinetpdtpp002

    Hardwood cabinet with a cupboard, shelf and drawer

    H.600mm W.1000mm D.450mm

  • Sideboardpdtpp010

    Hardwood sideboard with two cupboards fitted with a shelf each and four drawers

    H.860mm W.1500mm D.450mm

  • TVCabinetpdasb320

    Hardwood DVD and Hi-Fi cabinet with a glazed cupboard fitted with a shelf

    H.650mm W.900mm D.580mm

  • Round Occasional Tablepdasb378

    Hardwood round table

    H.750mm W.600mm

  • Coffee Tablepdasb327

    Hardwood Square Coffee Table

    H.500mm W.600mm D.600mm

  • Six drawer cabinetpdasb323

    Hardwood six drawer chest ideal for CD storage

    H800mm W.550mm D.300mm

  • Storage Boxpdtpp009

    Hardwood blanket box with lift up lid

    H.480mm W.1000mm D.450mm H.900mm(open)

  • Rustic Royale chairpdasb303

    Chair with solid back and seat

  • Rustic Royale extending table coffee tablepdasb306

    Coffee table with two leaves that open outwards to give a larger space when required

    H.480 L.900 D.450 mm D.900mm when extended

  • Rustic Chairpdasb304

    Dining Chair with ladderback and padded seat

    H.1110 seat:460 W.450 D.460mm

  • Rustic Royale Extending Dining TablePDasb305

    Table that extends with leaves

    H.780 W.900 L.1650mm when extended H.780 L.2550mm

  • Rustic Royale Extending Dining TablePDasb302

    Square Table that pulls out to extend.

    H.800mm Square 900mm extends to H.760mm L.1800mm D.900mm

  • Rustic Royale MirrorPDasb311


    H.800mm W.1100mm

  • Rustic Royale Chunky Leg TablePDasb359


    H.770mm W.910mm L.1800mm

  • Rustic Royale DVD/Hifi CabinetPDasb319

    Cabinet with 4 drawers and a glazed cupboard with a shelf

    H.600mm W.1350mm D.350mm

  • Rustic Royale SideboardPDasb300

    Sideboard with 2 cupboards with shelf inside and 4 drawers

    H.860mm W.1490mm D.450mm

  • Rustic Royale Lamp TablePDasb236

    Lamp Table with drawer

    H.640mm Square 460mm

  • Rustic Royale Nest of TablesPDasb307

    Nest of 3 tables (size given is the largest)

    H.570mm w.550mm

  • Rustic Royale Trunk ChestPDasb313

    Blanket chest with lift up lid

    H.480mm W.1000mm

  • Rustic Royale Drum ChestPDasb301

    Round chest with 3 drawers

    H.580mm Diameter 440mm

  • Tall Rustic Royale drum ChestpDasb 315

    Round Chest with 5 drawers

    H.890mm Diameter 350mm

  • Rustic Royale Bookcasepdasb312

    Bookcase with Shelves and 2 Drawers

    H.1800 W.900 D.350mm