Solid Oak Range

Modern styling and top quality materials have been combined to create a truly exceptional range of solid oak furniture.

After long conditioning and maturation period, the oak is carefully selected for colour and grain and then after manufacture is hand finished with pure Tung oil to enhance the natural beauty and texture of the timber, whilst providing a most durable and environmentally friendly finish.

As you will see the range is extremely extensive so it can be used in any room in the home. This range of furniture will sit equally well in contemporary or traditional settings.

  • Triple Oak WardrobeCHSO070

    Solid Oak Wardrobe which dismantles for easy access. Middle door is fixed and rail fitted all the way through the unit with 3 good sized drawers underneath.

    H.1900mm W.1560mm D.545mm

  • Single Oak WardrobeCHSO096

    Solid Oak Wardrobe which dismantles for easy access. Rail fitted in the space and 2 good sized drawers beneath.

    H.1900mm W.700mm D.540mm

  • Double Oak WardrobeCHSO020

    Solid Oak Wardrobe with rail fitted and a good sized drawer beneath.

    H.1900mm W.1100mm D.545mm

  • Oak Medium MirrorCHSO032

    Solid Oak Mirror which can hang portrait or landscape

    H.915mm W.610mm

  • Oak Large MirrorCHSO031

    Solid Oak Mirror which can hang portrait or landscape

    H.1170mm W.610mm

  • Oak Low Corner VideoCHSO325

    Solid Oak Corner Video/DVD cabinet with access points for DVD/Video players etc

    H.455mm W.1075mm D.665mm

  • Oak Corner VideoCHSO036

    Solid Oak Corner Cabinet with Cupboard and access points for DVD/Video players etc.

    H.800mm W.1120mm D.550mm

  • Oak Computer CabinetCHSO034

    Solid Oak cabinet with access points for wiring, pull-out locking keyboard tray and fold back doors.

    H.1400mm W.800mm D.515mm

  • Oak DeskCHSO095

    Solid Oak Desk with File Drawers and cupboard space.

    H 760mm W.1470mm D.600mm

  • Oak CupboardCHSO310

    Slimline solid oak cupboard with adjustable shelves which also sits on item OA309 wine rack to create a very nice piece of furniture.

    H.870mm W.650mm D350mm

  • Oak SideboardCHSO008

    Solid Oak Sideboard with 2 cupboards that each have a shelf and 3 good sized drawers.

    H.815mm W.1350mm D.410mm

  • Oak Low BookcaseCHSO037

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 1 adjustable shelf

    H.870mm W.1370mm D.395mm

  • Oak Alcove BookcaseCHSO015

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 4 adjustable shelves

    H.1870 W.580mm D.300mm

  • Oak 2 Drawer BookcaseCHSO038

    Solid Oak Bookcase with 2 adjustable shelves and two good sized drawers beneath.

    H.1980mm W.890mm D.300mm

  • Oak Extending TableCHSO040

    Features selected oak veneers in top panels for complete stability and a solid oak carcass. Middle section concertinas to fit under the side two panels which push together to become a smaller table so nother storage is necessary.

    H.770mm W.860mm Length closed 1020mm extends to 14

  • Oak TableCHSO017

    Solid Oak Dining Table available in 2 sizes see CHOA018

    H.770mm L.1680mm W.860mm

  • Oak TableCHSO018

    Solid Oak Dining Table available in 2 sizes see CHSO017

    H.770mm L.1370mm W.760mm

  • Oak TableCHSO019

    Solid Oak Square Dining Table

    H.770mm L.860mm W.860mm

  • Oak Extending Refrectory TableCHSO045

    Solid Oak Table with two leaves which can be used seperately to give more flexability. Good strong fitments for leaves. Leaves do have to be stored seperately when not in use (will easily go under a bed).

    H.770mm L.1800mm W.900mm Full extended length 280

  • Coffee tableCHSO003

    Solid Oak Coffe Table with Drawer and a sold shelf beneath

    H.480mm L.1165mm W.575mm

  • Small Oak Coffee TableCHSO308

    Solid Oak Coffee table with Shelf

    H.450mm L.920mm W.550mm

  • Oak 6 Drawer Coffee TableCHSO004

    Solid Oak Coffee Table with 6 good sized drawers which can be accessed from both sides

    H.480mm L1160mm W.575mm

  • Nest of TablesCHSO016

    Solid Oak Nest of Tables - Measurements given for largest

    H.600mm L.700mm W.420mm

  • Lamp TableCHSO066

    Solid Oak Lamp Table

    H.600mm W.400mm D.400mm

  • Lamp TableCHSO027

    Solid Oak Lamp Table with Drawer

    H.660mm L.485mm W.405mm

  • 7 Drawer ChestCHSO002

    Solid Oak 7 Drawer Chest - even the bottoms of the drawers are made of 10mm oak!

    H.735mm W.1320mm D.460mm

  • 6 Drawer ChestCHSO023

    Solid Oak 6 Drawer Chest - also good for storing Cds DVDs and Videos

    H.700mm W.1140mm D.440mm

  • 2/4 Drawer ChestCHSO307

    Solid Oak Chest with 2 small drawers over 4 large ones

    H.1080mm W.990mm D.430mm

  • 4 Drawer ChestCHSO001

    Solid Oak 4 Drawer Chest

    H.890mm W.990mm D.430mm

  • 5 Drawer tallboy ChestCHSO006

    Solid Oak 5 Drawer Chest

    H.1040mm W.510mm D.445mm

  • 4 Drawer Narrow ChestCHSO025

    Solid Oak 4 Drawer Narrow Chest

    H.890mm W.630mm D.440mm

  • Oak Bedding BoxCHSO024

    Solid Oak Bedding Box - even the bottom is oak

    H.520mm L.920mm W.460mm

  • 3 Drawer Narrow ChestCHSO026

    Solid Oak 3 Drawer Narrow Chest - also suitable as a bedside table

    H.700mm w.630mm D.440mm

  • 3 Drawer BedsideCHSO005

    Solid Oak 3 Drawer Bedside

    H.660mm W.485mm D.405mm

  • Oak Dressing/Hall TableCHSO065

    Solid Oak Dressing Table suitable also for a hall having 3 good sized drawers

    H.780mm W.1100mm D.420mm

  • Vanity MirrorCHSO311

    Solid Oak Vanity Mirror on a stand

    H.565mm W.520mm D.110mm

  • Pedestal Desk/Dressing TableCHSO071

    Solid Oak Pedestal Desk or Dressing Table with 11 drawers

    H.800 W.1220mm D.520mm

  • Four-Poster BedCHSO048

    Solid Oak Four-poster Bed

    H.2100 W.1590mm L.2140mm

  • Solid Oak Library BookcaseCHSO390

    Very large bookcase with integral ladder - a stunning piece

    W.2490 H.2410 D.400mm

  • Solid Oak 2 Door SideboardCHSO091

    A solid oak small sideboard with 2 drawers over 2 cupboards with shelf inside

    W.1000 H.850 D.430mm